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Helpful tips and tricks for Photo Restoration Services

Posted on January 15 2013

Photo restoration preserves an important part of your family history to show it to your next generation. If not restored, the future generation will miss the link to their past family. Digital photo restoration uses a variety of image editing techniques to remove the damaged effects from photographs. Raster graphics editors are mainly used to repair the images. Torn photos are replaced with images. Scratches, photographic age are removed from the photograph manually. Photo restoration techniques return the photo to their former glory even those damaged by fire, water, light, pets or children.

This article will describe some photo restoration tips which will be very much helpful for you in storing your past images for your future generation. In today’s technology photo editing programs are the great tools to preserve your old photos. Many people feel comfortable in preserving their family photos in digital format. In short photo restoration provides you a great chance to preserve your past family picture. So the helpful tips and tricks in restoring your old photos are mentioned below.

  • Scanner must be of Good Quality: Scanner is a vital part in digitizing your photo. You must make use of high quality scanner and it must be set to the maximum color depth and resolution. All images must be scanned in color even if they are black and white as color images gets more attractive than black and white. Later apply a gray scale effect.

  • Keep the original always: Before opening an editor to restore your photos you must make keep with you copies of your original in case you make some errors in your original at the time of preserving.

  • Negate a washing out effect: An attempt that can be taken in a washed out photo is that a photo editor that supports layers duplicate your image in two layers on one canvas and make use of multiple layer blending effect. It would intensify and darken your image.

  • Apply sharpen effect: Apply a sharpen effect to your image at this juncture in order to make a wider difference between the light and dark zone of your image.

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editor 08/19/2013 14:06

Very helpful!